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Rebate Processing

We can handle any state or utility rebate program with ease so you or your customer can reap the full benefits of solar incentives.  Whether it is a large commercial project or a residential solar hot water system, our staff will fill out all necessary applications, supporting documentation uploads, and the communication with the program administrators until the rebate check is issued and mailed out.


Interconnection Processing

Obtaining permission to operate letters or authorization to interconnect is vital for all solar companies, contractors, and DIY homeowners.  With our lightning fast turn-around times and an extensive understanding of what utility companies expect in an interconnection package, we will take care of the entire process from start to finish so you or your customer will receive solar energy credits as soon as possible.  We handle all types of interconnection programs for any type of project.  Our expertise includes virtual net metering (NEMV) and NEM Aggregation.


SunPower Invoicing

SunPower dealers are required to submit invoicing paperwork on the SunPower portal for each project. This is a very time consuming task. We manage all your SunPower projects and complete all necessary invoice documents so you can get paid on time!


Solar PV Design and Plan Sets

Our partners at Your SolarPlans have years of experience in designing solar PV systems so you can obtain your permit on time.  The team consists of electrical and structural engineers that can produce calculations and stamps for your permit package!

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