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Your SolarMate is a business process outsourcing company at its core. We assist solar photovoltaic contractors, sales companies, and DIY homeowners with various paperwork processing services. These services include PV and energy storage rebate processing, interconnection paperwork, permit design packages, 3rd party leasing company invoicing, and grant writing for large commercial/non-profit solar projects. We also help our clients track projects through a project management web tool and currently provide services nationwide.

Your SolarMate will act as your representative/virtual employee in order to complete all applications required by the utility companies in order to quickly receive permission to operate (PTO) letters and rebate checks. With affordable flat fees and no hourly charges, solar contractors have benefited by outsourcing all their paperwork needs to Your SolarMate. Focus on sales and installation while Your SolarMate deals with applications, emails, and phone calls with the utility companies and program administrators.

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